Software Downloads

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Download the newest IE today!  The world's most popular Internet Web Browser.  Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, XP, MAC

  • Netscape Communicator
    Download the latest release of the Internet software suite from Netscape. In addition to the Netscape Navigator browser, Communicator includes a complete set of tools for effective everyday communication.

  • ICQ
    Chat in real time with your buddies all over the world. Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, MAC

  • Go!Zilla
    Awesome utility that will find any file you want, download at specified times, resume interrupted downloads and will find the fastest site to download from. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • WinZip
    Compress and Decompress files with ease, using this great utility. Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT

  • Symantec
    Security software for home and business customers. Windows 95, 98, NT, XP

  • RealPlayer
    Streaming audio and video over the Internet. Windows 95, 98, NT, XP

  • Windows Media Player
    From Microsoft, streaming audio and video over the Internet or local computer. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Cute FTP
    Transfer files with this FTP client. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Copernic99
    Search more than one Internet Search Engine (Yahoo!, WebCrawler, etc) at once. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Free Agent
    Download and then read Internet News off line. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Internet Phone
    Talk with other people on the Internet. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Stickynote
    No need for paper post-it notes, when you have this program, small text boxes let you put sticky notes right on your screen. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Callcenter
    Excellent Fax, Telephone and Voice Mail program. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • File Fussion Wizard
    Split apart your large files to send as email attachments. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Neoplanet
    Tired of the way Internet Explorer looks? This utility lets you customize Internet Explorer's appearance. Windows 95, 98, NT.

  • CD-QuickCache
    Whether you're using a 1x or 32x, or DVD, QuickCache makes it faster.Windows 95, 98, NT

  • NetObjects Fusion
    Aimed at the Web Professional, this HTML editor has it all, and there are several add-ons for this editor. Windows, 95, 98, NT, MAC

  • Microsoft FrontPage
    The industry's current leader in HTML editing tools, build a Web presence in 10 minutes or less, this program even makes forms a  2 minute task. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • TagGen
    Generate Meta Tags for your web site, and have your site automatically listed on popular search engines. Windows 95,98, NT

  • Paint Shop Pro
    Complete graphics program, easy to use, supports plug-in features, and over 32 file formats. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • McAfee Viruscan
    One of the best Anti-Virus Software packages available today. Windows 95, 98, NT, MAC

  • Norton AntiVirus
    One of the best Anti-Virus software packages available today. Windows 95, 98, NT, MAC

  • ScreenLock
    Has someone in your house been using your computer when they're not supposed to?  Now you can catch them, or keep them out all together. Windows 95 & 98

  • InterQuick
    A Web accelerator, surf smarter and faster, utilizes bandwidth. Windows 95 & 98

  • TweakDUN
    Changes Windows 95, 98, NT4 to "tweak" most Network adapters, Eliminates fragmentation of data packets, and promotes faster Internet data transfer rates.

  • Modem Doctor
    Scan your modem and serial port in a snap. This tool also detects and verifies all COM port settings, summarizes fax/modem capabilities and tests modems, drivers and cables.  Windows 95, 98, NT

  • RedBox Organizer
    Organize your calendar, to-do lists, addresses and more.  Multiple user support.   Windows 95 & 98

  • My Personal Diary
    Every entry into this journal utility is password protected and saved in an encrypted file. Acts very much like a word processor, but also works as a contact manager and a project manager, complete with a reminder system. Windows 95 & 98

  • The Right Resume
    With this résumé builder, you enter pertinent information and it does the rest - automatically churning out a chronological, functional or target-style résumé. Includes many useful word-processing features as well.  Windows 95, 98, NT

  • 12 Ghosts
    With this download you can put 12 super utilities to work for you. It includes an automated document backup system, desktop app launcher, icon layout server, program scheduler and lots more. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • memTurbo
    Defragments physical RAM, increases the amount of available RAM, recovers memory leaks and flushes DLLs and other unused libraries. Easy-to-use control panel lets you see how much free physical RAM you have.  Windows 95, 98, NT

  • PowerStrip
    Pushes your display card to peak performance. PowerStrip autoconfigures each time it launches by queuing your display driver for supported display modes. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • Talking Email
    Each time you check your email you can have it read to you. Options let you hear who the message is from and how much of the message gets read. He looks just like Merlin from Magic Spell! Windows 95, 98, NT

  • SpyCam
    SpyCam is a program that when running, will capture an image and upload it to the web site of your choice to be viewed by anyone with your web site address. Windows 95, 98, NT

  • WebCam32
    This product was designed to work with a Connectix QuickCam. It lets you integrate live video images from a camera attached to a PC into Web pages. Windows 95 & 98

  • Top Secret Messenger for ICQ
    Secure public-key encryption program that, among other things, can act as an ICQ99 add-on to provide instant and easy access to powerful and virtually unbreakable encryption right from ICQ's message dialogs. Windows 95, 98, NT

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