Internet Access

Walk on the Web offers Internet access throughout North America. Our Internet traffic is routed through our multi-homed backbone with connections to Qwest, UUNet, PSINet, SBC and AT&T. Being multi-homed helps your signal find the fastest route to its destination and helps avoid signal points of failure that keep you off line.

Walk on the Web offers you the latest technology, including:

  • All fiber optic connections
  • All digital modems
  • DS-3 Internet bandwidth with multiple T-1 and T-3 backups
  • US Robotics Enterprise Network Hub
  • System with Digital x2 56K modems and Cisco/Ascend Chassis with Rockwell K56 flex technology.
  • Cisco/HP switches and routers

New Wave Industries' new, spacious facility allows Walk on the Web to provide you with even more bandwidth and alternate location sites in case of an emergency. With Walk on the Web, you can take full advantage of Internet potential, without having to become an Internet expert.

Dial Up Access

Our state of the art Dial Up Access has features like:

  • SPAM Filtering
  • All 56K Connections
  • 10 MB of Free Web Space
  • Email Web Access
  • 2 Emails Accounts
  • Free Customer Support
  • Only $19.95!

    Sign Up today and we will set you up and give you one month absolutely free of charge. (Limited Time Offer)

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