“Ever since I switched to Walk on the Web I always have fast access to getting online and I am able to easily get back online once I log off. With connecting to my other ISP I constantly had a busy signal and was never able to access anything that I needed. When I finally got online I wouldn’t have much time left and getting back online was difficult. So I became frustrated and switched to Walk on the Web for the same rate but much better service and access.”

- Dan Schnaufer
Service Manager of Mario D’Addario

We would like to thank New Wave Industries and Walk on the Web for doing a wonderful job with not only Four Corners Advertising but also all of the clients that we have sent your way.

New Wave Industries has created an outstanding website for Four Corners. We have received many compliments on our website, which have created new clients. The hosting capabilities of Walk on the Web Industries are excellent. We have not experienced any down time for a full year.

Four Corners has used New Wave Industries and Walk on the Web for many of our clients to create websites, CD’S, programming, e-retail systems and website hosting . Our clients have been satisfied with all of its work.

New Wave Industries never ceases to impress Four Corners Advertising because of their usefulness and value of phenomenal customer service we have received.

-Wanda Dawkins
-Robin Fowler
Vice President

”When I go on the Web I want to be able to access many things at once. I start with reading the newspaper and may end up reading restaurant reviews, but I am able to access whatever site I’d like for that day. At Walk on the Web I’m able to access a variety of sites. I have been very pleased with the service and rates that Walk on the Web has had to offer, as well as their outstanding technical support.”

Rob Cianci
Residential Customer

New Wave Industries has been very helpful to me throughout the past year. They have developed extraordinary websites for a national basketball tournament I organized and for my foundation Aim High. The outstanding customer service that I received from New Wave Industries was like no other. They made themselves available to me twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They have traveled throughout the U.S. to receive elements that were needed to create outstanding websites. They also provided troubleshooting so we would not experience any downtime. New Wave Industries made me very comfortable in knowing that my websites had a professional and exciting appearance. I look forward to working with you in the future.

-Kenny Smith
TNT NBA Analyst

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