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Walk on the Web: Turn-key web hosting and more ...

Walk on the Web is one of New Wave Industries' most integral divisions. It enables us to truly live up to our full-service status. Walk on the Web offers web hosting, application hosting, server co-location, dedicated servers, load balancing, high-speed Internet access, and outside disaster recovery services, at affordable prices. Our highly trained and dedicated staff is always one step ahead and ready with state-of-the-art equipment. Walk on the Web's team provides 24/7 onsite management and maintenance to ensure all Internet and network traffic gets to its destination promptly and securely.

Web Hosting

When taking your business online, creating a website is only half the equation. Hosting your website can find you unprepared to deal with round-the-clock operations and the expense of setting up a firewall, and struggling with a lack of Internet expertise. Walk on the Web relieves these dilemmas by giving your site a home within the New Wave Industries headquarters, thus bringing you the very latest technology in web hosting and co-location services. Walk on the Web's state-of-the-art fleet of servers gives you a guaranteed power system and high-speed direct Internet connections. Walk on the Web operates your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, performs scheduled backups and monitors performance.

Internet Access

Walk on the Web offers Internet access throughout North America. Our Internet traffic is routed through our multi-homed backbone. Being multi-homed helps your signal find the fastest route to its destination and helps avoid signal points of failure that keep you off line.

Walk on the Web offers you the latest technology, including:

  • All fiber optic connections
  • All digital modems
  • DS-3 Internet bandwidth with multiple T-1 and T-3 backups
  • US Robotics Enterprise Network Hub
  • System with Digital x2 56K modems and Cisco/Ascend Chassis with Rockwell K56 flex technology.
  • Cisco/HP switches and routers
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